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Medical Rehabilitation College is a section of MAP, based at Kachere rehabilitation Center in Blantyre.

The college mission statement is to Provide training in Medical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy to students who will be able to provide medical rehabilitation services and occupational therapy to persons with disabilities after graduation.

Medical Rehabilitation College started as Rehabilitation Technicians School in June 2003 and had its first Diploma graduates in June, 2006. Earlier on the college was project and was called “Rehabilitation Assistants School Project” in 1999; this was through funding from CORDAID for a period of three years. The project was to train 30 Rehabilitation Assistants. At the end of the project 33 Rehabilitation Assistants had been trained by the school and were all employed by various organizations. A mid-term evaluation of Rehabilitation Assistants School which was conducted by Medical Council of Malawi, found that the quality of the training was good, there was a high demand for graduates by various stakeholders, the school was playing a crucial role in addressing the rehabilitation needs of Malawi. The evaluation further recommended that the curriculum be reviewed to make it three year diploma training. In June 2006, a total of 13 students graduated from the school. The collage is affiliated to Malawi College of Health Sciences and conducts joint graduation ceremonies. Some of the modules
are taught by lecturers from Malawi College of Health Sciences.

Medical Rehabilitation College started as Rehabilitation Technicians School in June 2003 and had its first Diploma graduates in June, 2006.

The college is mandated to train rehabilitation Technicians and occupational Therapy Technicians at Diploma Level. The two courses are approved by the medical council of Malawi.

After three years of training, Medical Rehabilitation Technicians and Medical rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Technicians students, both graduate with a Diploma in Medical Rehabilitation and Diploma in Occupational Therapy respectively.

Rehabilitation Technicians are medical rehabilitation workers capable of providing medical rehabilitation services in the form of basic Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and speech and language therapy.

Students are currently enrolled as nonresidential students.
The College does not provide dustcoats or other approved uniform to students, transport to and from the Medical Rehabilitation College. Students should have their own stationery or laptops where necessary.

The College may provide tea from time to time. Students may not claim rights in respect of this provision. Students are expected to make copies of any handouts given by the lecturers.

The College provides a student identity card.The student will have access to the school’s library at no fee, however all books have to be returned as instructed.
The College will issue a student with an Academic Transcript which will be available on the day of graduation. Any other requests shall attract a modest fee.

Students are responsible for registration with Medical Council. The fee for registration is currently Five thousand Kwacha paid only once. The College will collect these fees on behalf of Medical Council of Malawi.

Graduates may consider to advance their career by doing further training at College of Medicine in Malawi or elsewhere. They can train to become physiotherapists or occupational therapists.

The college will in the near future start a program to train Speech and Language therapists. The collage is currently looking for partners to roll out this program.

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