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This is regarded as the heartbeat of MAP and the hub of many services offered by the organization. It has been a major mode of service delivery by MAP since its establishment in 1979.

It involves going into the community conducting clinics, providing physiotherapy and issuing various appropriate appliances for various disabilities to the rural masses. This takes place in Government hospitals, Health Centers and Mission Hospitals.

Unfortunately due to financial constraints, the outreach program was suspended, thereby leaving the rural masses destitute. One can imagine the plight of these people.

Due to the stoppage of the outreach service, MAP clients are struggling again, and whereas most of them are back to crawling again, children with cerebral palsy are just dying.

To mitigate the plight of person with disabilities due to stoppage of the outreach service, and in an effort to still make rehabilitation services available and easily accessible to the rural masses, MAP placed its staff in selected few district hospitals.

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